Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Reggae Show with Mark Lamarr (2004.10.27).mp3

Hi there folks. From the ashes of The Reggae Show comes Reggae Style. Same kind of deal with a larger remit. I'll be sharing various reggae/ska/two-tone documentaries made for tv and radio over the years. Stay in touch and leave comments to encourage me not to give up after post 1 ;)
OK, let's get the sharing off to a start and see how this free SugarSync service pans out.  * Tell me know what you think of it *
DOWNLOAD FROM SUGARSYNC: The Reggae Show with Mark Lamarr (2004.10.27).mp3
DOWNLOAD FROM MEDIAFIRE: The Reggae Show with Mark Lamarr (2004.10.27).mp3
Mark presents the best in reggae, drawing from his own extensive collection, the series features special guests bringing in some of their own personal favourites and more. A.K.A. A Beginner's Guide to Reggae. Featuring guest Mikey Dread. (1978–2008)

Broadcast on BBC Radio 2: 2004.10.27
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